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I am pleased to share the Kode With Klossy Career Scholarship – a monthly award to an online web development course that expands access and opportunity for women who are ready to jumpstart or reinvent their careers with code.

Kode With Klossy is about working together to increase access to computer science education and simultaneously close the job gap and gender gap in technology. By 2024, there will be over 1.2 million unfilled jobs in computing, though in 2015, only 22% of students who took the AP Computer Science exam were women. We understand that the scope of the issue goes beyond the classroom and boardroom, and see this as an opportunity to reach and engage an untapped group of people in order to help solve these problems. Bringing the voices and skills of women into the coding conversation – and acknowledging the ones who have already begun to pave the way – allows for technology-driven innovations that better reflect and serve the world.

Our goal is to strengthen the pipeline for women in technology at every stage. The Kode With Klossy Career Scholarship helps us reach women who are ready to learn code and apply their skills professionally so we can begin working to close the job gap now. The rigorous curriculum, professional resources, and access to a paid apprenticeship at the completion of the program will help ease the transition between learning to code and entering a career as a programmer.

As Kode With Klossy continues to grow I am most excited to see our community come together to advocate for and build creative solutions to the barriers to entry for women in technology – particularly by using code!

Learn more and apply at kodewithklossy.com/career-scholarship/

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What is the Kode With Klossy College Scholarship?

Kode With Klossy is launching a professional scholarship to expand access to computer science education and opportunities for women preparing to start a career in technology. Scholarship recipients will enroll in a nine-month program through The Flatiron School’s Learn.co online campus, a self-paced coding curriculum that serves as a complement or alternative to higher education. The program connects scholarship recipients with an apprenticeship through its network of partners across industries, providing Kode With Klossy students a path to a promising career in coding.

What does the curriculum entail? What will participants learn by the end?

The program prepares students with the tools necessary to become a professional developer. The curriculum includes lessons in Ruby, SQL, Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, among other topics in code. Throughout the course, students will build their own web apps and collaborate and learn with team members through the Learn.co online community.

How many days a week will scholarship recipients be learning on the learn.co platform?

The program is designed to be full-time but flexible, with the understanding that people have other commitments. Students can work at their own pace, with most students spending 20-40 hours per week learning.

Will participants be building a professional portfolio?

Yes, the participant’s coding projects will be stored publicly on GitHub, an online hosting site for code, allowing scholarship recipients to graduate with a robust professional portfolio. In addition, they will build full scale web apps throughout the course both independently and in collaborative teams.

Will students have access to in-person teaching or is everything online? If it’s online, will they have access to an online mentor or others in the program?

While the Learn.co program is online, the platform provides students with a robust and engaged community. Students will collaborate with each other in real time as they build projects and learn. Further, students will have access to support from instructors as they go through the course and a chance to join local meet-ups with students and staff.

Who are the apprenticeship partners for this scholarship program? 

The scholarship is being launched with the following partners: WeWork, Condé Nast, New York Magazine, and VICE. Each has committed to interviewing Kode With Klossy Career Scholars for paid apprenticeships or fellowships upon completion of the program.

Can anyone across the country apply?

The application is open to women across the country. We are looking for women who are interested in a complement or alternative to higher-education, a career change, or a way to better themselves personally and professionally.

What does the application process entail?

Applicants will provide their biographical information and will also explain their current level of coding experience. No videos are required.

When are scholarships awarded?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. One scholarship will be awarded during the first week of each month. The first scholarship will be awarded in July 2016.

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