Scholar Spotlight: Aniqa

Aniqa, Kode With Klossy Career Scholar (September 2016)

Meet Aniqa! She is the September 2016 Kode With Klossy Career Scholar living in the San José area of California raising three children and working part time. Fun fact: all of Aniqa’s children were born on March 30th of their respective birth years.

Check out more about about her Kode With Klossy journey below:

Why did you decide to apply for the Kode With Klossy Career Scholarship? 
My cousin first told me about the Kode With Klossy Scholarship and I really identified with the message of empowering women in the IT field. If there was one full stack coding scholarship that I wanted to be a part of, it was the Kode With Klossy Career Scholarship.

Describe what you’ve learned so far: I have learned a lot in the past two months. is a wonderful online program and it has one of the most skilled instructors to help students. So for I have learned HTML, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT HUB and Ruby – and I am very excited to learn more.

What’s the most fascinating thing you’ve learned thus far?  
I have a programming background so I was already familiar with coding, but the way the CSS lessons were designed was amazing. CSS is one of the most important language skills to have in order to design a website. The online platform has a feature that breaks down a student’s progress by percentage completed and this inspires me to complete more lessons each week.

The curriculum progress tracker that motivates Aniqa each week

Kode With Klossy curriculum progress tracker that motivates Aniqa each week

Are you working on any tech projects outside of the program?
 I have designed a fully functional dummy website for a medical school in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan and have just started working on a new website to connect young and elderly people in the US called
What are you looking forward to in the apprenticeship once you finish the curriculum? 
To teach me how to transition properly from an academic point of view to a practical business point of view.

How has being part of the Kode With Klossy community transformed your experience of learning to code? 
Being part of this unique community has provided me with various insights in coding that I would not have found had I learned on my own or through other traditional means.

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