Scholar Spotlight: Racheal

Racheal, Kode With Klossy Career Scholar (October 2016)

Meet Racheal! She is the October 2016 Kode With Klossy Career Scholar living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas working in Operations Management. Fun fact: Racheal is also a Solar System Ambassador for NASA/JPL and loves studying nebulas, black holes, exoplanets and the planet Jupiter.

Check out more about about her Kode With Klossy journey below:

Why you decided to apply for the Kode With Klossy Career Scholarship? The Kode with Klossy Career Scholarship program is a game-changer because it gives women who are working professionals the opportunity to learn something new. For me, with having a background in electrical engineering and then transitioning into management, this scholarship provides me with the opportunity to hone in on my technical skills and keep up with the ways of the world. It is my belief that at this moment in time, learning how to code makes one a true cosmopolitan. Also, with the outreach work that I do for as an ambassador for NASA/JPL, I wanted to be able to have more technical activities for disadvantaged children centered around coding, space technology, and planetary science.

Describe what you’ve learned so far: I started learning JavaScript first and now I’m in my introductory courses with Ruby. I have found that coding, unlike any other language, requires an understanding of the basic building blocks. You can’t take any shortcuts when learning the fundamental principles. Once you know the foundation, the sky is the limit and you can create the world that you would like to see.

What have been some of the greatest challenges about learning to code? Patience. Syntax Errors. Repeat. Learning how to code is not something that you can learn overnight. However, learning how to code probably will keep you up at night, especially if you’re a working professional and in my case a mother. Some of the labs that I thought would be very simple, were difficult for me.However, I can honestly say that there is someone in the Kode With Klossy community that is willing to help you every step of the way, you just have to ask.
What’s the most fascinating thing you’ve learned thus far? What skill are you most excited to put to use? Everything that I’ve learned so far has been fascinating because it is all new to me. Since I do a lot of outreach programs with children, the concepts in the introductory courses are important because I will use those introduce coding to young learners in my community as I advance my skills.

How has being part of the Kode With Klossy community transformed your experience of learning to code? The Kode with Klossy community is a collective of renaissance women and girls, who are leaders, and at the frontline of the coding revolution. Karlie Kloss is so inspirational and a true visionary. She is my “shero” because not only did she see that girls need to learn coding but also women. She rocks because Kode with Klossy is more than a scholarship it’s a movement that empowers women and girls to be beautiful, smart and fierce. You can love science, technology, engineering, and math along with fashion, handbags, and high heels.

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